Sooner or later, any resident of the city will get bored with natural and architectural beauty, walks to the beach and sea baths. The soul wants new impressions and feelings, and the body asks for more activity. How to combine business with pleasure? The answer is – you definitely need to try your hand at such a popular sport and recreation as water skiing and wakeboarding. What makes this sport very attractive not so much for athletes as for tourists and vacationers? The secret lies in the absence of the need for special training and in the speed of mastering the technical and practical aspects. Water skiing and wakeboarding are great fun.

From the point of view of fitness and body benefits, water skiing and wakeboarding are some of the most harmonious sports. The load on all muscle groups is evenly distributed. 15 minutes of jet skiing replaces an hour in the gym! An excellent excuse to move from the indoor hall to nature in the summer. Even as a spectator, watching the sometimes funny and sometimes extreme movements of water skiers and wakeboarders, you can while away the time and have fun.

Also, it will not be an exaggeration to say that bright costumes and helmets of the participants, stylish water skis and wakes add entertainment to this sport and recreation. At our water ski stadium, you will find conditions for recreation as a whole company, in the circle of friends, and for individual recreation.

If it seems to someone that they have already mastered water skiing, then they can raise the bar in improving their skills and start mastering a more exciting sport – wakeboarding, where instead of two water skis, a special board called a wakeboard is used as the basis. There are also special boards – kniboard, wakeskate.

Wakeboarding is characterized by a higher amplitude of actions: higher speed, more adrenaline, wider scope for imagination in terms of performing tricks on the water. We invite you to plunge into the world of water skiing and wakeboarding by visiting the Republican Center for Olympic training in water skiing. Just 7 km. from the Moscow Ring Road (Brest direction), in the village of Volkovichi 5B, on the picturesque reservoir Ptich, there is the only ring cable car in our country “RIXEN”, equipped with a park of figures for performing tricks on the water (jumps, various kicks). The rental hours are from 16.00 to 22.00 Tuesday-Friday, from 11.00 to 22.00 – Saturday, Sunday. Monday is a day off. Opening times may vary due to the training of student athletes.

True fans of wakeboarding know that only on the ring system you can get real pleasure and adrenaline of the highest standard. You can slide along the water surface without stopping for as long as your heart desires. For advanced wakeboarders, trampolines of various levels are installed. For beginners, our experienced instructors will help you “get on the skis” in the shortest possible time. There is a possibility to store your equipment. You can become a fan of water skiing and wakeboarding at almost any age. Our youngest visitors are 7 years old, and the upper age bracket can only be determined by your desire to live “to the fullest.” As for the prices for skiing, we can firmly say that we have the most affordable prices.


Provision of an electric cable car without sports equipment and inventory – “Individual” tariff – 30 BYN / hour
Provision of an electric cable car using sports equipment and inventory – “Individual” tariff – 45 BYN / hour
Provision of an electric cable car without sports equipment and inventory – “Corporate” tariff – 300 BYN / hour
Provision of an electric cable car using sports equipment and inventory – “Corporate” tariff – 480 BYN / hour
Rent of a set of sports equipment with water skis – 15 BYN / hour
Rent of a set of sports equipment with a wakeboard – 15 BYN / hour
Water bike (catamaran) rental – 5 BYN / hour

Also at the service of visitors is a mini-cafe, where you can sit in the shade and watch the action on the waterway, replenishing your strength and refreshing yourself with cool drinks. There is a corporate skiing system that will allow you to fully rent the entire cable car, your company, enterprise, or just a group of friends, which will allow you to enjoy skiing to the fullest, and have a great corporate party, birthday and other celebrations !!!

For those who wish to take high-quality photographs of the stadium’s water area and capture athletes and amateurs gliding on the water, there is a cozy observation deck. For romantic natures and lovers of “ride with the breeze”, we offer walks on a comfortable professional boat with a capacity of 5 people. You can also ride on such an attraction as “Water Banana” behind the boat. On the basis of the Center, at your request, we can organize individual and group recreation programs. For example: accommodation of a group (from 2 to 14) people in a spacious and cozy log cottage with all conveniences, accommodation of your vehicle (including a water vehicle) in the protected area of ​​the Center. For lovers of steam, on the bank of the reservoir, at your service is a log sauna with wood. Fishing enthusiasts will find a wide variety of trophies: pike, pike perch, catfish, perch, bream, carp, roach, crucian carp, etc. We put our soul and warmth so that you would appreciate the rest in our Center, which will leave you only positive emotions.