«Republican center of Olympic training in water skiing»

We conduct recruitment of boys and girls aged 7-8 years

The training program includes:

1.Learning to swim

2.Special exercises to develop coordination, agility, strength

3. Trampoline

4. Water skiing training

The cost of training is 75 BYN/month.


Regulations on the paid groups for the training establishment “Republican Centre of Olympic training water ski”.

1. This regulation is developed in accordance with the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus, Resolutions of the Ministry of sports and tourism of the Republic of Belarus dated 28.12.2004 № 11, 18.10.2007 № 25, 14.04.2008 № 14 and the Charter Of the Establishment “Republican center of Olympic training in water skiing”.
2. The position of the Center about the paid groups for the preparation regulates the procedure of opening, recruitment and organization of groups paying for the preparation.
3. The aim of the Paid groups:
3.1. Assist the family in strengthening the health of students through physical exercise and sports, improving their culture and physical activity;
3.2. Popularization water skiing, healthy lifestyle, active recreation and leisure;
3.3. Performance of tasks on the main target indicators of the forecast of social and economic development regarding providing paid services of physical culture and sports to the population.
4. The activities of paid groups are carried out in accordance with this Regulation.

1. The establishment accepts citizens in paid groups that have not passed the competitive selection and do not have contraindications for water skiing.
2. The plan of recruitment for the next academic year on paid groups and contingent of pupils is defined by organization independently and approved by the Director of the Establishment till August 1 of the current year.
3. The curriculum of paid groups and lists of students are approved by the Director of the Establishment until November 1 this year.
4. In case of expulsion or transfer of the student during the school year from the paid group, the trainer-teacher is obliged to complete it within a month.
5. Recruitment of paid groups, mode of training, standards of charging coaches are determined in the same manner as for groups without a charge for the training.

1. The academic year for paid groups is organized from November 1 to June 1.
2. The training process is carried out by trainers-teachers on the basis of training methods, using special training tools, and is based on a combination of training and gaming activities.
3. Education of students in paid groups is carried out at the stage of initial training.
4. The main forms of training process in paid groups are:
4.1. Group training sessions;
4.2. Preventive and health measures;
4.3. Participation in competitions within the Center.
5. The curriculum for paid groups is calculated for 30 weeks of training sessions directly in the Center. During the summer holidays, students of paid groups have the right to continue training sessions within the sports camp of the Center, subject to availability, paying the full cost of the permit.
6. The duration of one training hour is 45 minutes. The duration of one class should not exceed two academic hours.
7. Management of educational work and control in paid groups is carried out by the Deputy Director on the main activity, direct carrying out-the trainer-the teacher.

1. The decision on admission, transfer, expulsion and reinstatement of students of paid groups is made by the Council of the Center. Enrollment is carried out by concluding contracts between the Center and the customer – the legal representative of the student, and is made by order of the Director of the Center.
2. Each student gets a personal card of the established form and fills out a personal form.
3. The students who were trained in a paid group for at least one year and reached a qualifying standard for water skiing can be transferred in the group of initial training without payment.
4. In an exceptional case, the Council of the Centre may transfer a student of a paid group to the group of initial training without payment during the academic year on the recommendation of a sports coach. A prerequisite for the transfer of the student is the success in training, three months of continuously attended training sessions, the lack of debt for training, and student have to reach a qualifying standard prematurely.
5. Unreasonable transfer of students of paid groups in groups without payment, motivated by the expulsion of students of the first team during the academic year is not allowed.
6. Expulsion of students may be made after the end of the initial training stage (expiration of the contract) and (or) during the school year.
7. The student can be expelled from the paid group:
7.1. Upon written request of the customer to terminate the contract, indicating the reasons and notifying the contractor one month before the date of termination of the contract;
7.2. For health reasons that prevent water skiing;
7.3. For non-performance of the contract;
8. It is not allowed to expel students during their illness, confirmed by a medical certificate.
9. Reinstatement of the student in paid group is made in the order established for admission by this Regulation.

1. Sports coach-teacher, who recruits students in paid groups, is obliged to provide the customer with reliable information about the Center and training services in paid groups, providing the possibility of their correct choice before the contract.
2. The contract for the provision of services is made with the customer in writing and contains the following information:
2.1. Name of the contractor and his requisite details, name of the customer and his passport data;
2.2. The place of provision of services;
2.3. Stage of preparation, as well as other information related to the specifics of the services provided;
2.4. Cost of services and payment procedure;
2.5. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties;
2.6. Terms of the contract and the procedure for its termination.
3. The provision of training services in paid groups without a contract is not allowed.
4. The cost of training for students in paid groups is determined by the Center independently in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and is formed in accordance with the Pricing policy adopted by the establishment.

The Deputy Executive Director for Main Activities reports to the Council of the Center on the work of paid groups for the past period Until July 1 of this year. The report summarizes the results of work with students for seven months, analyzes the indicators of turnover, the implementation of control standards by students. Proposals are made to transfer promising students to groups without payment in the coming academic year.

The cost of training – 57 BYR per month.

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